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My name is Svend Knutsen

I love to create amazing things


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In the bustling streets of Penang, Malaysia, Svend Knutsen made his grand entrance on May 2, 1983. Born to a Norwegian father and a Chinese mother, Svend's cultural blend ignited a passion for music, art, and adventure.

At three, Svend began his musical journey under his mother's guidance, learning the piano. By five, he embraced the violin, and by twelve, the saxophone. Two years later, the guitar beckoned, followed by the bass and didgeridoo at fifteen, and drums at sixteen.

After high school, Svend pursued a music performance degree at Boise State University, specializing in tenor saxophone. He delved into audiovisual and event production in 2001, expanding his creative horizons. In 2008, Svend ventured into motion graphics and video editing, enriching his artistic repertoire.

Today, Svend thrives as a content creator and independent artist, weaving musical tapestries across genres. But above all else, Svend remains a seeker of truth and beauty, a dreamer of dreams, and a passionate advocate for the transformative power of art. In every chord, every brushstroke, and every frame, he finds a reflection of the human spirit, a testament to the boundless potential that lies within us all.